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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

2006 Goals

I did want to try and make posting on this blog a regular occurence again, but just recently I haven't had the time to or really had anything to post about. This is because I haven't had a chance to play recently due to tons of coursework I've had to do at university. I've still got plenty more to do until the end of the month... so no more poker till then. After that it's time to put some serious hours in!

Right, so here's my goals for 2006:

  • Make at least £30,000 online
  • Qualify for another $10k+ satellite package (although it may be hard to find one I'll be available to go)
  • Exceed my biggest tournement payout (currently £3700)
  • Play live more regularly (probably only not even 10 times last year)

I decided to set myself the same financial goal as what I managed to achieved last year for a couple of reasons. I can't exactly set myself targets lower than what was achieved in 2005 because that would be too unambitious. But this year I think I'll be able to dedicate even less of my time to poker than last. I'm still a student at university, and as of around July time I should be working full time for my placement year of my course (something I'm not looking forward to - but something I've gotta do). This means for the entire of 2006 I'll either be studying or working full-time and unfortunately poker will have to try and fit in somewhere. This is in contrast to this past year where I had a 4 month summer break and not too much work to do. So if I can achieve similar results to last years I'll be happy.

I doubt I'll really have much to post about for the rest of the month as I'm still bogged down with plenty of coursework. Once thats out of the way it's all go on the poker front. So until then...........


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