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Thursday, December 29, 2005


Ok, so I've got lazy over the past month or so and not bothered to update this blog. This has been due to nothing special to report on, my lack of desire for poker, and just general laziness on my part.

I say I've had nothing special to report on, but I guess going to the Carribean Poker Classic is worth a mention! Obviously I didn't win the thing or I'd have been ranting and raving about it way before now. Other than the Main Event I didn't bother playing any poker -I was too busy doing my load in the casino! With the girlfriend with me she was much happier sitting on the slots with me than being bored while I played hours of poker so that's what I did. Financially not such a good idea as of course the house always wins!

The Main Event itself I only lasted about 3 hours in. I won't bore you with the details now but if you want to read about what happened I'll make a seperate post about it after this one.

Since returning from the Carribean I haven't played much. I've probably only had about 5 poker sessions, which isn't really good enough. I did win a couple of grand playing my old favourite Limit Holdem the week I got back. I made a promise to my uni flatmates that for the rest of term 25% of whatever I won during the day would be the nights drinking kitty. So over the past few weeks I barely played and spent quite a bit of any winnings I did make. Had a few bad sessions at limit since winning in the first week back, so I've decided no more Limit Holdem for me at the moment. The $20/40 and $30/60 tables have got so aggressive it's just a lot harder to beat than it was 6months ago.

I've decided I really need to start grinding out winnings again and play a lot more. So the last couple of days I've gone back to 4-tabling £60 6pak's. This seems quite small as at one point I was playing the £300 6paks but I've decided for now I'm best off building up my money doing this, and its the definately the safest option as I'm sure if I play many of these I can make good money again. I just need to put the hours in!

I've got a lot of coursework due in the middle of January at uni and I don't have a clue what any of it is on, so until that is out of the way I won't be able to put 2 many hours in, but once it is I plan to get back to the old ways and play at least 20 hours a week. Time to grind out some decent money.

Over the next couple of days I'll hopefully do a bit of a 2005 review and 2006 goals kind of thing like I've seen on most other blogs.

If anyone's reading I hope you've had a great Christmas and enjoy the new year!


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