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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Running Well

I haven't managed to put in anywhere close to the hours proposed so far for this month. I guess I just still don't have the poker bug at the moment. However, the few tournements I have played in have brought decent results. Although still a pretty small sample, I've managed to get my ROI for 6pak's in 2006 up to 39.43% now. Noteably I've got almost 3 times as many first places as second's, which I guess is what has accounted for this ROI. This must mean that I'm winning most of my 50/50's at the moment. Unsuprisingly I hadn't noticed this and was actually thinking I keep getting screwed over in the final few until I noticed this stat. An obvious case of selective memory. Of course when the shoe is on the other foot I can recall every 50/50 I've lost in the past week. I'm sure everyone does it. When things are going well you just assume you're getting your normal quota of luck which you deserve, but when things go wrong its unbelievable bad luck on your part. Anyway, long may this "lucky streak" continue.

I'm planning on playing a few of the sunday biggies tonight. Well I'm already going in the Sunday40k on betfair and will almost definately play the Stars $750k too. Whether I bother with any others or not remains to be seen. I'll be trying to rack up a few more 6paks at the same time and hopefully keep my ROI up at a ridiculous level. Although of course I know as soon as I have actually recorded a decent amount of 6paks the figure will be no-where near where it's at now. Until then ....


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