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Monday, February 20, 2006

Spoke Too Soon

This past week everything has pretty much been the opposite to last. I'm now struggling to win most 80/20's let alone a 50/50. But hey you gotta take the rough with the smooth I guess. At least my ROI is starting to look a little more realistic.

It all turned basically straight after my last post, starting with last Sunday's tournies. I lasted an impressive 10 minutes in the Betfair £40k gt'd. Great start. So I decide to just enter the stars $500k tourney later, rather than doing a few others aswell. I hadn't entered this tourney for a good couple of months until last week. It always has an exteremely large field, which makes making the FT a real long shot let alone winning the damn thing. But with such big money on offer its worth a shot. Well last week was ridiculous, with a $1.1mill prize pool. That's 5,500 entrants. You've got just about the same chance of winning the world series. Maybe they need to add a regular tourney with a bigger buyin, which would provide more value.

Ok, I wasn't going to add any hand histories from the past week, to try and keep a bad beat free zone as I had been running pretty well in general recently and should have no reason to complain. But I'm in a few £60 6-pak's at the moment and just can't resist...

Level 3 - 4 left - 25/50 blinds - Button (2k stack) makes it 200. Sb (700 stack) flat calls. I'm in the BB with KK and move in for 1.5k. The button calls with A9dd, as does the SB with Q9ss. Last card out is an ace and I'm gone. Of course this kinda thing happens all the time, so it's no big deal. But just an example of how things are running right now. Plus a way to vent my frustration at such a shocking call getting paid off!

Ok, and as we speak, heads up 200/400 blinds. Me 3.1k to his 2.9k. I'm dealt AA in the BB and he min raises to 800. I just call. Flop comes 10 9 3. I check. He moves in with the mighty 10 4 and the 10 on the river cripples me. I guess when things just aren't destined to go your way there's nothing you can do to change it!

Anyway, enough of the bad beats. I just couldn't resist as they were happening to me as I was typing up this blog! This month I STILL haven't managed to put many hours in, despite the fact that I keep saying I will. Well I'm definately putting in this week. How much you make in the long run is basically dependant on how many hands, or in my case tournements, you play. So as I keep saying, but failing to put into practice, I MUST start playing more!!


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