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Saturday, March 04, 2006

February Summary

£60 6pak Results:

Total Played = 87
Profit = £1908
ROI = 33.23%


Total Profit = £1788
Hours played = 20.5
Hourly rate = £87/hr

February was another disappointing month for hours put in. I've decided that this is probably because just as in January everything ran pretty smoothly so I rarely felt the need to put in many hours to win more money. If I won a few hundred quid in the first hour or 2 of playing then I'd be content for the day. So again I'm relatively pleased with the months profit. Well, extremely pleased considering the amount I played. It's just the amount played that is the problem which needs addressing.

So March has started off better. In the first 3 days I've been more dedicated and put in a more respectable 11 hours worth of play already. Surely a good thing. Or not. The only reason I've put so many hours in is due to running bad and refusing to quit, with the mindset that things will surely turn around soon. Just yesterday I played 6paks for 6 hours, winning a grand total of 1 out of 20. Managed to drop almost 15 buyins and amost 1k in the process. I think thats gotta be the most buyins I've dropped in 1 day since I started playing 6paks. Nothing would go my way, but hey thats poker I guess. I've just got the task of turning the month around now. I hate to see that big red figure on my P+L spreadsheet for the month so I'm sure it will be an incentive to put more hours in until it's gone! So the proof is there that the reason I haven't been putting the hours in is because I've been running well and content with profits made. Playing for longer when running bad and less when running well can't be a good thing, so it's something I need to change.

Finally, I just wanted to add something about the ZeeJustin saga that has gone on recently. I'm sure everyone has read tons about it already and is fed up of hearing about it, but it seems I'm in the minority with my view on the matter. If somehow you haven't heard about it, you can read here. Everyone is slating the guy and branding him a cheat, which I guess he is in a way, but I think it has been blown way out of proportion. I'm sure many people have multiple accounts just as he did, which although is breaking the rules, is nothing terribly wrong. It appears he wanted mutliple accounts mainly for Sng's to hide his image which people had managed to adapt their game to. Something I'm sure many do. The problem comes with him entering some Mtt's with more than 1 account. If he doesn't have more than 1 account on the same table then he really isn't gaining any advantage here, as he is paying the entry fee for each 1 just like everyone else. I think it was merely a case of wanting more chances to win big money, than any malicious intent of say chip dumping or manipulating play with different accounts on the same table. If he just intends to play each account normally and disregard the fact he has other players in the tournement also then it is basically just like someone wanting to play 10 different Sng's at once to increase the amount of money they can win in a time period, something he would do.

Yes, what he did was wrong, but I don't think he really realised quite how wrong it was or did it with intentions to screw over other people so I really don't agree with any of his money won fairly being confiscated. I think the most stupid thing of all this, is the fact that he must have known he was taking a risk by having multiple accounts, which was forbidden, but still had so much money spread among them. Finally, how can Party or Stars just take whatever amount he has in his account when caught as a punishment. We don't know how much this is in relation to money he won on the site. If someone is caught for a crime, the courts won't just say, well lets take whatever he has in his bank at the moment as punishment. It has to be fair and relative to the crime committed. Well thats just my 2 pence on the matter anyway. I'm sure many don't see it my way at all, but I feel slightly sorry for the guy as I feel he is just being made an example of to deter others.

Thx for reading and GL at the tables.....


  • At 3/04/2006 8:21 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi Ferrari,

    I really enjoy your blog and wish you the best of luck on the tables. However I have to say I disagree with you on the ZeeJustin thing - he was playing SnGs professionally, and presumably against other decent players who might also have been playing for a living.

    Notes on the competition become quite important at the higher stakes, so he would have had a substantial advantage compared with an honest opponent playing only one account. He made the rather weak point that 'ZeeJustin is known for stealing blinds', well surely all successful tourney players have to steal to survive (in the tourney I mean ;-) )?

    In addition, you are allowed a screen name change over time within the rules anyway. As far as the MTTs are concerned, I'm sure there are many ways in which a savvy player can use multi entries to their advantage (apart from weight of numbers). He is certainly an excellent poker strategist, so I think it's naive to believe he didn't realise exactly what he was up to, and that he was blatently cheating, and if you are caught cheating you forfeit your roll, simple as that.

    As a fellow player I'd have thought it would be in your interest to discourage cheating in all it's forms.

    Anyhow rant over, keep up the good work!

  • At 3/05/2006 1:10 pm, Blogger Ferrari said…

    Ok, fair point.

    I was just in the middle of typing up that I agree he should be punished, but not to such an extent as to take away ALL his money in his account, just the money won in tourneys he played with multiple accounts as other money was won fairly.

    But then thinking about it I guess all the money won "fairly" was unfair to others as it was under a hidden identity. It just felt a bit extreme to me to take ALL his money for what doesn't seem too big of a crime. I know it doesn't excuse it, but I'm sure many people have more than 1 account at such sites and it's just a case of following the trend as it didn't seem any punishment would follow for doing so.

    I guess after looking at it your way, the punishment delivered to him may be the only option available to the poker sites. I just still feel slightly sorry for him in the back of my mind.

    Thanks for you're thoughts.

  • At 3/09/2006 2:52 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi Ferrari,
    I am glad that there are some good people out there like you. You would think that ZJ murdered some body. I can not believe how unbelievably cruel human beings are. I have never seen such mean things written about any one as there are on JJ prodigy and ZJ. Are the rest of you without any faults, never lied, never cheated. Never been in trouble, never broke the law, never had multi-accounts? Come on you righteous, law abiding saints! Wake up and look at your own face in the mirror! We live in a cruel world and it is because there are people out there like you!. Not you Ferrari, you seem like a good honest person.


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