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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Weekend Standard of Play

Until today I haven't had a chance to play at all really since my last post. But I just had to make a quick post about the standard of play I'm seeing at the moment. A few weeks back when I was struggling to win (and I still am), I was starting to think... maybe I just don't have much of an edge anymore and everyone's getting better. I was starting to question if theres still decent money to be made for me in this game. I soon realised how stupid this was, as I still see just about as much stupid play as I did a couple of years ago. Instead I now realise it's just been a case of me not exactly playing great poker and running pretty awful.

I think the poor standard is especially emphasised at the weekends, for obvious reasons, when more of the part-time newbies come out to play. Today some of the standard I've seen has been absolutely dire and it makes me embarassed to say that I'm down money this past couple of months with players like these in my games.

The best play of the day, has got to be one of, if not THE biggest pet hate of mine in poker. It's when someone folds they're BB to someones all in during a tournement when they're getting such good odds its absolutely impossible to fold. It really pisses me off, especially if I'm the 3rd man late on in a 6pak and the BB folds to an easy call from the short stacks all in. So many times this has happened and you're the one that goes on to finish bloody 3rd because of the stupid play of the BB. Well this is by far the worst I've ever seen ....

Blinds 100/200

BB has about 4k
SB has almost 2k
Im on the button with just 206 chips (I just lost JJ all in vs the BB's A6 but thats not the point).

I move all in on the button and the SB folds (that fold is bad enough), the BB then dwells for about almost the whole time before folding for the extra 6 chips. Firstly he didn't time out. So of course next thing you think is it MUST have been a misclick. But surely a misclick happens when you don't have the table up and it pops up about half way through the timer when it beeps, and not right at the end of the timer. This player had played absolutely abysmally in the few tournements I had played with him in today. This leads me to believe that it was actually a genuine fold and that he was so new to the game he couldn't grasp the concept that he only had 6 more chips to put into the pot from my all in. Pretty funny from my position, but if I was the other guy I would be livid. Unfortunately I didn't go on to cash, but that would have been hilarious if I did.

When someone makes a stupid fold where they are obviously getting great odds it really pisses me off. Of course this was an extreme example, but it happens so much to less of an extent, and is just so annoying for the 3rd party in the game.

Anyway, time to get back to making money (or at least trying to) off the weekend fish. I just had to share this.


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