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Monday, June 26, 2006

Another Year of University Ends ...

So I finished my 2nd year at University on friday. Bit of a relief to finally have exams n shit out of the way. Man that gets stressful at times. Now its time to concentrate on playing some poker. I've been saying it for the past 6months, but it hasn't happened. Without the distraction of housemates and general uni life now though, I've got no excuse not to play. I just couldn't find the time or will to play this past 9months.

Since my last post, which seems (and is) ages ago now, I played on and off for a week or so, then haven't played at all since. That's almost 2months without poker. Actually, Im off on holiday Tuesday to Bulgaria and don't return till 4th July, so that will make it 2months without any poker. I reckon thats got to be the longest I've gone without playing since I took up poker a good 5 years ago. I don't intend to play 24/7 or anything once I'm back from holiday, but I certainly need to play a lot more than I have this past 9months (not exactly a hard task)! Time to build the bankroll back up a bit I think. Uni life has meant its taken quite a hit recently, too much spending and not enough earning! The numbers just haven't been adding up. Just like everyone else thats made money from poker, I spend it way too fast. When I was making good money I would spend it almost as fast as I made it. Recently I've still been doing the spending, but without the earning. Not good for the bankroll in the slightest.

My last post I made was a bit of a whinge about not getting my fair share of luck, and I said I would keep records of how I go out of every tournement to really see for myself what was going wrong! Well I did keep records for the week or so I played after that post (before taking the 2month break). I never actually got round to properly sitting down and working out all the numbers, plus I hadnt exactly gathered enough information in just a week, but suffice to say it wasn't a great week and from just glancing over the records I could tell things weren't going my way. I was going to carry on from where I left off with that, and keep further such records, but after noticing a comment left on my last post that it could have more negative affects on me than positive, I don't think I'll bother. So I've had a 2month break, and now its time to start again with a clean slate. If I start keeping records again of how I'm going out of each tournement, it will just put me back in the negative frame of mind I was in before.

Anyway, this was only intended to be a brief update to say that poker is definately gonna be back on once I'm back from holiday! So I hope to post more regularly in the near future.....