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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

2 Days and Counting...

So in 48hours time I should be on the Private Poker Jet on my way to the Carribean to play in the CPC :)! It really has crept up all of a sudden and I can't wait to get out there now. I'm sure this will be a great experience. There should be plenty of things to keep me busy out there so I'm just looking to enjoy myself for the first few days. I'm not sure if I'll bother playing any of the pre-events yet or not. I'll just have to see when I'm out there. I think I'll be more interested in going on some of the trips I have read like a catamaran cruise and scuba diving. Whatever I do I'm sure it will be great.

I still haven't played much poker recently. I just really haven't felt like playing at all. Plus theres the fact that a mate bought Fm2006 recently and has got me totally addicted which doesn't help! Not my fault, the game really is just way too addictive. Of course barely playing over the last couple of months isn't exactly great preperation but hopefully it won't make a difference and I can still perform out there.

I'll be hoping to update on here while out there but if not I'm sure there will be a pretty long trip report to come once I'm back, and hopefully something pretty special to report on ;)! I think Ben is planning to post a trip report on the Blonde Poker Forum most days and I might have a bit of an input on it myself too so check it out if you're looking for any updates.

Wish us luck :)!

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Evening's Results

Right so this update is being posted a little earlier than I had originally hoped. 10pm can't mean a good result.

I played the $100k gt'd rebuy on Betholdem first. This was going well, sitting around 30th of 600 or so entrants after an hour. I then decided to make a move on someone, check raising the minimum on an ace high flop when I had put someone on a high pair like J's or Q's. He had raised my 55 limp pf. I thought if he had AK/AQ he would raise me back to see where he was or move in. I then moved on the turn but he couldn't let go of his A10. I was still around average stack though. This was until I got them in against the same guy with AA, his 88 tripped up and I'm gone.

Over to the Sunday35k on crypto. Never got a stack together here so theres nothing to report on, can't even remember an exciting hand.

I had planned to play the Pokerstars $500k gt'd but decided to unregister from this at the last minute. Turns out I'm just not in the mood for playing poker at the moment and I really couldn't be bothered with it. I've totally lost the desire to play at the moment. Not quite sure why, but I think I want it back otherwise money will soon dry up at the rate I'm spending it!

Hopefully St.Kitts will get me back into the swing of things. I will need to play a bit before going though. I mean its hardly ideal preperation to barely play a hand for the entire month before. It would be even better if I could get myself down to Notts Gala over the next couple of weeks for some live practice. I had planned to play live every week this year at uni, but it just hasn't happened. Not even once down the Gala. Too lazy for my own good.

Just About Recovered......

Ok so I've chilled out a bit now since the incident on wednesday night. I may have sounded a bit over the top but I do try not to let poker get to me too much .... this time however it really did as there was nothing I could do about it! Not a great feeling.

Anyway, thats in the past now. I haven't played since then. I didn't really think it would be such a good idea to hit the tables with the frame of mind I was in. So I've waiting till tonight where I'm going to play a few of the biggies. I guess it will be Stars, Betholdem and Betfair. I want to play in the big multi's on a few other sites but just haven't got around to making the accounts. I've got accounts at both Party and Pacific which I've managed to lose the details for. I think the biggies on both these sites are pretty good so I really need to get active accounts going again on both of them. I guess I'll look around and see what other sites have to offer.

Hopefully I'll have something exciting to report back on later tonight!

I'd also like to congratulate Ben on qualifying for the CPC tournement which I'm also going to in a couple of weeks time. He's had a tough time of things on poker over the last year but with things turning around it looks like he could be getting his break.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck FUCK !!!!!!!!

Fuck I'm in one hell of a bad mood. No bad beat, no suckout, just bullshit internet.

Ok so tonight I decide to play a few of the evening tournies for my 1st time in a couple of weeks. I enter the following and at 9:15pm find myself in the following situations in each....

Betfair 15k gtd -- I'm in 5th with 100 or so remaining, so going pretty strong. Top 30 paid, £4.2k to 1st.

Pokerstars $100 rebuy -- 40 or so left and I'm about 16th . Top 18 paid with 1st getting $13k.

Betholdem $100 rebuy -- I'm around 8th with 30 or so left.Top 10 paid, winner gets $7.5k.

So to sum up I'm in pretty good shape in all 3 tournements. Then what happens ... My internet connection goes down for 45 minutes !!!!

I manage to get a mate to play on Betfair for me after about 20mins, but he didn't have the other sites on his computer. So I phoned up my girlfriend and told her to rush round to my house at home (5mins away) so she could play the other sites. In the meantime I get my mum to load up the computer and get the sites up. She manages to but she doesn't understand and I can't get her to do anything over the phone for me -not her fault of course though albeit I was getting a bit angry at the time when she couldnt move me all in as I was telling her to.

So my girlfriend finally turns up at my house. She has only ever played on Betfair so I struggle to get her to do what I want her to while she is at the helm. On Betholdem as the blinds have shot up I have just 3 BB left in me when she gets control. I'm out the very 1st hand she has control as I get her to move all in with J5, its a coin flip but no good.

Over to Pokerstars, a slightly slower structure means I'm not in such bad shape on this one. Very 1st hand I get her to move in from the big blind with J9 after a few limpers, 1 caller with 48 for some reason and I hold up. So I'm just about hanging on with 25 left. 18 paid. I struggle over the phone getting her to do what I would do. Like for example someone raises my SB when I have JK. Being a bit short still I would normally move in, but while trying to get her to describe the situation over the phone to me I time out and the chance goes begging!

All of a sudden internet connection comes back and I get back in control with 22 left and me in 20th. Folded round to me on the button 1st hand so I move in with K4 as you do with just 7 big blinds left. Big blind decides to call with 67, fair enough, now time for a bit of good luck to make up for the unfortunate situation I found myself in. It wasn't to be and I'm out 22nd. Gutted.

So over to Betfair, I now get control back off my mate and find myself in 30th of 60 left. I'm not happy with anything worse than 5th given the mood I find myself in so I'm willing to put it all in the middle a lot if need be. Well with an 8k stack and 200/400 blinds, the sb min raises and I move in with 47. He had a 6.5k stack himself and couldn't bare to part with the 800 he had in the middle so thought it warrented calling his final 5.5k or so with K9. What a great call. No suckout for me and I'm short. Move in with 66 and lose to J9 and thats me done in 45th.

So all 3 tournements no payouts. Ok so if I fucked up all 3 tournements fair enough I would be pissed off, but this feels 10 times worse. I was going strong in all 3 with a fair bit of $$$$ up for grabs and walk away with fuck all due to no fault of my own. Really doesn't feel good. I just felt so helpless while the internet was down, there was absolutely nothing I could do and I could just see my stack being helplessly decimated in all 3 tournements.

No more big tournements till I find out what fucked up the internet and get it sorted. I can't bare to have this happen again. So cash games it is if I must play. Although the mood I'm in right now you couldn't pay me to play poker.

Rant over.... :)

It's Been A While ....

Ok so I haven't updated for quite a while. This is mainly due to the fact I've barely played over the last couple of weeks. I just really haven't been bothered about sitting down to play. Other than the Betfair CPC Freeroll on Sunday I think I've only played once since my last update, and that resulted in a £500 loss so nothing great to report on there :)!

A mate of mine bought Football Manager when it came out and although I didn't play the previous one, he's got me addicted to this one which has contributed to my lack of poker. It's 2am and I'm a bit bored though so I'm gonna play a $150 freeze-out on stars which starts in 10mins or so. Hopefully I'll be posting another report on the blog in just a few hours time reporting on a decent win!

On a side note a mate, Rupert, last week managed to qualify for the Carribean WPT to be held in January. So congratulations to him for that and good luck to him out there!